GPS Treasure Hunts / Indoor Office Games

How does it work?

With a huge variety of content, the challenge is designed to keep teams engaged for approximately 1.5 - 2 hours, with multiple choice questions, video challenges, creative photos to take, timed questions and music clips to identify.

After downloading the app onto your smartphone, you’ll split up into teams of up to five people, take your team selfie and join the game! Navigating the map, you will then visit a series of ‘hotspots’ to unlock tasks, answer questions and complete challenges.

The live scoreboard will update throughout the game to keep everyone on their toes and ensure a certain level of momentum right up until the end.

With approximately 15 hotspots to locate, you can choose which order to complete them. Start at your hotel and finish at the pub or restaurant; or why not use the app as a way to get from one activity to another? The choice is yours! Just be sure to keep an eye on the other teams on the map.

And the best thing is that you can add in personalised content to supplement one of our off-the-shelf games. So why not add a few questions to make the experience totally unique? You'll be guaranteed to be laughing your way around your chosen location.

Outdoor Activities:

The Ultimate

Using your smartphone and our interactive app, teams will explore their location of choice to find GPS hotspots. These hotspots will unlock challenges you’ll complete as a team to win points. From trivia questions to photo challenges, it’s anyone’s game!

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Stag & Hen Groups:

Pub Explorer

Raise a glass to adventure as you navigate to pubs around your chosen location! With a real ‘mixer’ of trivia and creative challenges, you’ll be sure to find it thirsty work!

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Indoor Activities:

Level Up

10 levels of fun, interactive challenges, but as the stakes get higher so do the points! Will your team have the winning strategy?

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Office Games

Bring everyone together with these engaging in-person games. Get creative and have plenty of fun with your team without leaving the office!

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Wet Weather Guarantee

The great outdoors – what’s not to love? You know a Wildgoose Challenge is the perfect team activity for your group, but you're worried that the weather might work against you - don't fret! Come rain or shine – Wildgoose have got it covered.

With 15 years of experience delivering events, here's what we'll do to ensure the weather doesn't put a dampener on your day...

  • We have a ‘Head Inside’ task group, which can be made available by the Games Master in-game. This is a range of table-top tasks teams can do over a drink or bite to eat if the weather does turn during your event.
  • We can flip your event to an indoor location with 24 hours notice* - check out these options.
  • Our Manor House Murder, Let’s Get Quizzical and The Escape are great indoor options to consider.
  • We won’t deduct points just because you head into Starbucks for shelter!

Finally, the vast majority of groups have a great time regardless of what the weather throws at them!

Things you need to consider before taking on this feat are:

  • BUDGET  - How much can you afford? You then need to research the best options within your budget. You don’t want to waste your money on a picnic when you could be tandem sky-diving!
  • SIZE  - The size of your team will determine what kind of activities are available to you. If you have a small group then you can offer more tailored experiences, whereas larger groups will need a more creative approach to keep people engaged.
  • WEATHER  - The weather can be the ‘be all and end all’. Will your activity still be a success in bad weather? Make sure you look at wet weather options or at least ask the team building provider about their stance on inclement weather.
  • FREQUENCY  - Once a year is a good idea, but consider doing it more often if your business has suffered a recent loss, upset or needs a boost.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY  - Remember, you are responsible for your employees if anything goes awry. What are the risks involved? You must be able to guarantee the safety of your employees.
  • TRANSPORT  - If your activity requires travelling around how are you going to move everyone efficiently, bearing in mind traffic and expenses?
  • TEAM BUIlDING CAPABILITY  - This exercise is supposed to unite your team and get them better acquainted with one another. The activity in question must offer the opportunities to do so.
  • OVERALL ENJOYMENT  - Is it going to be challenging, special enough and of course memorable? Will it engage and appeal to your whole team?
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