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Why just settle for one activity, why not combine some of our favourites with the one big Multi Activity Event! If you're looking for some Sporty Activities for your event then this is the one for you. Simply pick 2-3 Activities below and we'll do the rest!

Bubble Football/Bubble MayHen

Bubble Football is a hilarious and chaotic twist on the beautiful game, strap yourselves into your giant inflatable bubble and step onto the pitch, then barge, bounce and bump your way through a thrilling five-a-side match.


Electric Shock Football

What better way to punish a diving player then to shock them? Electric Shock Football lets you be in control of the game with actual diving guaranteed!


Bow Archery Tag

The game is simple, whilst hiding behind obstacles you get to shoot at and wipe out your opposing team. We should point out you will be using special arrows with soft tips so you won't actually leave any marks.


Goggle Football

Whether you've had your beer goggles on the night before or you're planning to have them on later, this activity will get you prepared. Regardless of ability this activity will guarantee many a mis-kick and they'll definitely be at least one player who'll end up on the floor, and not from a foul!


Old School Sports Day

Taking it back in time, relive your school days with our classic activity, Old School Sports Day. Guaranteed to bring out the competitive side of even the most laid-back person in the group. Cheer each other on whilst competing in colour coded teams complete with bibs and head bands (it wouldn't be old school without them). Which team will be victorious for the all-important Old School champions title?


Olympic Shames

This one goes out to all the hens. What better way to spend your hen do than watching your family and friends make complete fools of themselves, all whilst racking up points for their team. Our games will offer guaranteed laughs with a competitive edge and with games like "Is it in yet" and "Do your balls hang low" what's not to like!


Football Darts

Groups will be split into two teams and then the pressures on with timed games to see who is the Beckham of your generation. After the games, comes the forfeits with specially made covers to slip over the dartboard upon request. You won't want to miss this time!



Grab your event by the ball with our dodgeball activity, perfect for any event! If you're looking to work up a sweat then this activity is perfect for you. It's competitive and you get to throw foam balls at your mates, enough said.


What's Included

  • 2-3 Hour Event
  • Event Coordinator
  • Choice of 2-3 Activities
  • Venue Hire
  • All Sports Equipment
  • Group Photo

Need to Know

Sports footwear is advised
Please arrive 15 minutes before the event
Minimum group size of 10, if the number drops below 10 the price per person will increase

2 Activities £45pp

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3 Activities £55pp

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For groups over 30 please, let us know for a bespoke price!

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