'Olympic Games'

Bounce, Compete & Laugh!


Olympic Games

Can't quiet make the Olympic team well why not try your own  Olympic Games it's a great summer/winter Team Building Activity. This Competitive, Fun  and Collaborative Activity  is suitable for both indoor and outdoor away days making this activity very versatile option for both summer and winter team building events.

After a short briefing, delegates will be split up into Nations/Teams and then get the chance to compete in a variety of team games scoring points as they go.

Groups will make their way around various zones featuring a range of activities such as Welly Wanging, Obstacle Skis, Blindfold Mine Challenge, Caterpillar Run, Beach Volley Ball, Tug Of War, Inflatable Sausage Race, Catch Me If You Can, Javelin and Cross The Gorge

Points awarded from all the activity zones will be added up and the team with the highest score will be declared the winners and presented with a prize.

Olympic Games is a great standalone activity however it is also available as part of our ‘Something For Everyone’ Multi-Activity Day, alongside Bubble Football, Archery Tag, Old School Sports Day and Pub Olympics.

Round up all the team for an unforgettable activity that's competitive, fun and completely different. An excellent bonding experience, what better way to get the team in high spirit than 'Olympian Games'. Which team will be victorious in our competitive tournament? It will most definitely be a memorable experience.

How would you like to see your colleagues bouncing on a Inflatable Sausage?

You'll never look at Keith from sales in quite the same way again after a game of Sausage Run! It's a completely level playing field that breaks down barriers and banishes preconceived ideas.

If you're looking for an activity that involves absolutely everyone, look no further. Everyone works together to score the most points and be crowned 'Olympian' Champions!

On The Day 

  • Meet friendly instructors for a briefing
  • Stretch those limbs in a daft warm up sesh
  • Split into different nations (teams) and head to the arena (field)
  • Take on the inflatable courses and a range of different challenges
  • Crush your opponents and have your team declared Olympians!

Benefits of Olympic Games

  • Enhances Communication
  • Boosts Morale
  • Encourages Collaboration Working
  • Inspires and Motivates Staff
  • Builds Confidence and Self-Belief

'Olympic Games' is one of the most flexible of all team activities. We can stage team events on farmers' fields or at sports field, schools anywhere with a flat surface. Bespoke corporate events are our speciality!

Let us know where you want to hold your next team building event and we can help source a venue.

Key Information

Duration: 1.5 - 3 hours

Minimum Group Size:  20 people

Maximum Group Size: 250 people

Requirements: A suitable flat outdoor or indoor area

What’s Included? Event staff, all the necessary equipment for each activity zone and medals for the winning team.

Availability: This activity is available across the UK – Need a venue, we can help.

Price From: £35 per person 

Book our popular corporate team building event for your staff now by emailing us or calling Excel Activity Group on 01344 305763.


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